Skygaze Update Released

The good news is I have already received comments and emails from people who like Skygaze.  Based on their comments, I spent an evening adding the ability to store your location (zip code) in a Dynamo DB.  Once you tell Skygaze your zip code once, you will not be asked again.  You can clear the stored location at any time by simply asking:

“Alexa, ask sky gaze to change my location”

Once you do this, the next time you ask for information she will ask for your zip code again.

Other small tweaks include:

  • When getting a sky report for what is visible now, I will give you the moon’s illumination if it is viewable.
  • When Skygaze responds to you with viewing information, I tell you the city I am using for my report.  I was already doing this in the card, but though it would be good via speech as well.
  • A cool new icon 🙂

Persisting session attributes itself is very easy.  As simple as adding one line of code to your handler.  The trick is I did not want to persist all my session attributes so I reset these after the session is over:

 var alexa = Alexa.handler(event, context);
 alexa.appId = APP_ID;
 alexa.dynamoDBTableName = "skygazedb";

Thanks for the kind comments and let me know what other things would be useful.  I think adding deep-sky objects would be the best, but I need to think through the best way of adding them without making the sky report too long.  Possibly paging the data or ask you what kind of information you want.

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