KLIC Photo Gift Bot

I have created a bot for our company that allows a Facebook Messenger user to upload a photo they like and get dynamic previews of gift products they can purchase.

Rather than showing all products that are available, the bot uses heuristic rules that select the best products based on the photo itself.  These include thing like orientation, resolution, and content.  This simplifies the selection and purchase process.

While the bot does support natural language processing, I have turned it off for now since it is not really necessary for the flow.  The bot is easily white-labeled for companies looking to add another channel to their photo commerce solution.  We currently offer solutions on Web, Kiosk, Native Mobile and now Messenger.  Contact us at info@taylordigital.io

Visit the bot by going to http://m.me/klicphotogift

Using the Photo Gift Bot is Easy

Using our bot is easy. Send a photo and we will walk you through it. You can start over at anytime using the menu at the bottom. Did you know that we build complete photo solutions for lots of companies? We can help your business too!

Posted by KLIC Photo Gift Bot on Thursday, September 14, 2017

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