Summer Code Project

With my spring house and car projects wrapping up, starting to think about my summer code project.  I try to experiment with new frameworks or platforms that may help with work related projects or just for my own curiosity.  For example, in previous years I have done:

  • Bot Development
  • Apple Watch Development
  • Blockchain
  • Apple TV Development
  • Augmented Reality

There are two on my potential list right now:

  • Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
  • Robotics (Misty)

Developing for Android Auto and CarPlay is a low cost of hardware investment for a new headunit (I want one anyway).  I am more interested in Robotics development but the only package I am excited about is Misty and that is a pretty large cost of $1500 🙁  Also, Amazon and others may have some competing robotic platforms next year.

I am also curious if anything is announced at WWDC that may sway me to something else.



I am Software Engineering Director who still loves to code :)


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