My Projects

I’ve worked on several projects that cover everything from AutoPC, Windows CE, Android, iOS, tvOS, Alexa to WatchOS.  This is, of course, in addition to larger eCommerce projects in .NET and Java for companies I have worked for through the years.  Not all of my projects are publicly viewable, but here are some of the more interesting or recent ones:

NFL Photo Store

My B2C eCommerce development team and I utilized NOPCommerce to build a special site for the Associated Press and the NFL.  It provides game day photos from football games that can be purchased in a variety of formats.  The store utilizes the Associated Press API to retrieve photos using a suite of tools we built for importing and transforming the images for the required aspect ratio of the products.  You can visit the site at

Lillian Vernon

I was the manager in charge of all software development at Lillian Vernon, from our eCommerce front-end to the personalization systems on the production floor.  Lillian Vernon is a large B2C eCommerce site that began as primarily a catalog sales company.  You can visit the site at 

Lifepics Mobile Photo SDK

Lifepics, which is one of the Taylor Digital brands I work on, is a large scale B2B2C eCommerce platform for dealers selling photo products.  We supply an omnichannel offering that lets you order prints and other merchandise across multiple platforms.  Our mobile SDK allows you to integrate this into your own apps.  It can be found on GitHub at

You can see some of the apps we built in the App Store, including one for the Polaroid Print Store

Lifepics Alexa Skill

Because the Lifepics system allows you to start an order on one platform and continue on another, I developed an Alexa skill that consumes our public API to:

  • Allow Order Lookup (WISMO)
  • Look up store locations
  • Complete an unfinished order
  • Create a new prints order from an existing album

This is currently private code, but I expect to release it on GitHub this year for Lifepics clients as an example in 2017.

Personalized Storybook Engine

I created an Objective-C storybook engine for children that allows the child to read through the story or have it spoken to them.  In addition, the user can record their own voice reading each page.  It’s great for parents who travel a lot and want to let their child listen to them read a story while they are gone.  I originally created this myself for Lillian Vernon when I was in charge of all software development there.  I updated the engine in 2015 and launched a new book with creative assets by Gotcha Covered Notebooks whose ecommerce site my team and I developed.

You can download the apps from the Apple app store for free.   Dusty D Dawg and Journey of a Notebook

Apple Watch App for Order Statistics

I have developed a proof-of-concept Apple Watch app that consumes a public API my company Taylor Digital makes available to clients.  The Apple Watch app provided a clean, simple update on order analytics at a glance.  This was a private project, but I will look at releasing the source code on GitHub once our API is opened up a bit.

Skygaze Astronomer Skill for Alexa

This skill for Alexa gives the user information on the current location of celestial bodies and the best time to view them.  This project is written in Javascript (Node.js) and utilizes a number of astronomical algorithms for ephemeris calculation.  You can install the skill by simply saying “Alexa, enable the sky gaze skill” or visit its page on Amazon.