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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

The following document outlines the terms of use of the Skygaze Bot. Before using Skygaze, you are required to read, understand, and agree to these terms.

Messenger Platforms

Skygaze is a bot available for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype and Alexa that gives you information on celestial objects visible from your location.

Skygaze is hosted on different infrastructure platforms.  While unlikely, it is possible it may be unavailable due to circumstances outside my control.  I am not liable if the bot is unavailable or provides inaccurate information.  It is for educational use only.

To use Skygaze you should have a Facebook Messenger, Skype or Amazon account depending which service you are using the bot from.

Skygaze  is provided for free.

Please respect the name of Skygaze.

I may stop providing services at any time. You can stop using our bot at any time as well. You may need to visit this page regularly to see if these terms are changed. New terms may be published on this page without any additional notice.


Your data is your data. I will not collect this data and hence will not sell it to anyone without your permission.

People who use Skygaze must have the consent of the people whose data (i.e. images, voice, text) this bot will process and we adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.

This Terms of Service is effective as of February 14, 2016.

Privacy Policy

I know that you care about how your data is used, and take your privacy very seriously. By using Skygaze, you are accepting the practices outlined in this policy.

I don’t store any user specific data except a zip code for the active session. This is only used to determine where objects are visible from your location.

Since I don’t know your email,  communication with you is only thru your respective Facebook, Slack, Skype or Amazon account. I do not initiate discussion – we always wait for you to start. I do not sell your information to anyone. No information is captured or stored that identifies you personally in any way.

Privacy policy may change. Using Skygaze is subject to Terms and Privacy policy.

This Privacy Policy is effective as of February 14, 2016